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Thread: 2Pacs Death - Re-Opened?

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    He admitted to the 94 robbery/shooting not the murder, if anything this verifies that pac knew what he was talking about the entire time

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    This can give leads to the murder, but in no way is it "case closed". Far from.

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    Obviously whoever created this thread didn't read the article or doesn't know much of Pac's history because, like Duke clarified, this isn't shedding light on his murderers. Dexter Issac is confessing to have had involvement in the previous shooting that Pac survived which took place in Manhattan.

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    2pac is alive..... hanging with Elvis.

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    i didnt read the article yet but HENCE the question mark i put in the title.

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    Meh, dont know how much of the article is believable

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    true coming from xxl.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    Meh, dont know how much of the article is believable

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    He may of "confessed", but he could of been lying about it. Its been like what 40years since he died and people cant still figure out who killed him. That proves how stupid and careless the police department is. Alot of people lie about these things just to get attention. The case isnt "closed" untill we get DNA test done againts this guy, wich will probably be impossible to do.

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