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Thread: SoMeTHinG RaNdOM for all Tech Fans

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    SoMeTHinG RaNdOM for all Tech Fans

    Hello All Tech fans,

    I'm Will The Weirdo and I have Produced, CoProduced, Recorded or Mixed a few Tech records you may have enjoyed.

    "Now It's On" P-R-M

    "This Ring" R-M

    "It's Alive" R-M

    "Devil Boy" CoP-R

    "Constantly Dirty" CoP-R

    "Yadda Yadda Yadda" CoP-R-M

    "Sinister Tech" CoP-R-M

    "RedNecro" P-R

    "Tormented" M

    "Hydro" CoP-R-M

    I had spent the past 6 years Engineering in Atlanta, NY and LA but now I'm back producing again.

    My new group is called "SoMeTHinG RaNdOM".

    I hope you all enjoy!

    FWIW - Possibly Radiating Display features original Nnutthowze member Crow.

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    That music video was not at all close to anything I was expecting lol. It's good though, just def not my .

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    SoMeTHinG RaNdOM means, something random.

    Artists being creative via our art..... and that was what Nnutthowze was all about.

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    New SoMeTHinG RaNdOM song called "It's Over" posted.


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