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Thread: fast rap

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    fast rap

    hey tech im just starting to rap and im having trouble finding my flow and righting fast raps any tips man

    big t back

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    How old are you? first you need to learn to spell man... seriously not clowning... "righting fast raps" its writing... maybe you should finish a few more years of school mayne

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    Every interview he just says to do you and nit try to be something your not talk about shit you go through an don't try and be all gangster as for the flow it's gonna be pretty basic since your just starting the more you spit the faster you learn the easier it gets god luck

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    Syllables help.

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    lol you don't have to spell correctly in order to rap fast, you just have to be able to talk fast. once you can speak fast like one time we was kickin it i said to my homie, "but what am i gonna get outta the money i put into it" thats not much but if you can create more lines to rhyme wit it than you got it, usually i'll come up wit one good line thats fast and than just try to keep it goin with the proper breaths and rhymes

    practice speakin fast clear and loud with confidence , and oh you have to rhyme alot about what you know.

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