wuts good everybody. i was just curious to see if anyone on here has ever tried sending their demo or press kit to strange and had any luck (by which I mean they didnt ignore you, haha) Im sure Tech gets flooded with demo's and shit nowadays. Im putting together a demo tailored to the Strange Music kinda sound.. Couldnt hurt my chances I figure. I'm starting to get radio stations in my are to actually be willing to spin my shit so I figure I gotta step my grind up. I'm from MA, anyone else in the area??heres some of my music in case anyone was wondering what my skilllevel is.. I have alot of new material I'm getting professionally mastered and pressed up, Ive been producing and engineering my own shit since I was 10, but I want to make sure it's in tip top shape if I expect anyone to give it a listen...http://www.soundclick.com/krazy8that last one's a page under the name I used way back when I was in high school, Tecniqe is what I go by now. Constructive criticism and feedback is appreciated, just don't be a dick and say it sucks and not offer any insight. If you peep mine I'll peep yourmusic and give you the same level of respect and critique back. Thanks in advance Technicians.