Here's my list and reasons why

#25 Eminem - Slim Shady LP(1999)

The reason why I like this album alot is because of its lyricall structure and the production, also it was the first rap album I've ever listened to this is what kinda opened my eyes to rap music. My favorite track on the album would probably have to be '97 Bonnie and Clyde I never even really had a mom around so I could of related to wanting to kill her. 'till this day it tops the other album Em has made.

#24 Brother Lynch Hung - Season of Da Siccness(1995)

I loved the production of this album as well as the lyrics. I was really into Horror movies and Horrorcore artist around the time I first listened to it. Brotha Lynch Hung is still one of my all time favorite Horrorcore rappers. I remember kids use to call me "emo" because the type of music I listened to. I just kinda ignored it since it didnt really make sense, but I nearly shit myself when Lynch signed to Strange Music. My favorite would have to be Welcome 2 Your Own Death

#23 Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil(2005)

This is one of my favorite rock band. This band would be at one of my top 5. Rock wasn't really one of my favorite genres of music, but I always liked to listen to it from here and then. I guess this would be one of my favorites because of the darkness it had on it. I remember being really depressed and open minded around that time, so I was into a like a dark essence I guess. My favorite song on the album is The Beast and The Harlot

#22 King Gordy - The Entity(2003)

This is my favorite album from Gordy by far. I just kind of think that the other has released were just kind of mediocre. I loved Nightmares and No lights off the album Im guessing those would be one of my favorites. I was kind of suprised when Eminem had some production on their wich I was not aware of. I still listen to this album till this day. I only listen to it though when Im pissed off mood.

# 21 D12 - Devils Night(2001)

This is and always will be my favorite D12 album. I mean even Bizarre had some sick verses on it. I just D12 would make more albums like this. Fight Music, Devils Night, and American Psycho where my favorite songs the album. The production of the album was epic though I loved the beats they used and lyricism for it.

#20 Tech N9ne - Absolute Power(2002)

This is really the first album I ever listened to from Tech. I was just hearing alot of talk about how great this album was. I first listened to the album in '05, so I been a Tech fan for like 5years. My favorite songs from the album are Keep on Keepin' On and Trapped In A Psycho's Body

#19 Tech N9ne - Everready(2006)

Another great album from Tech. I really loved this album. The first album I actually purchased from him. I liked how it was seperated into three parts. The King, The Clown, and The G. The production for it was pretty ill. It also has some of my favorite songs meaning not on the album I mean of my favorite songs period. Come Gangsta, Caribou Lou, and The Rain are my favorite songs on this album and all time.

#18 Eminem - The Eminem Show(2002)

I remember when this album leaked on the internet. I didnt really know that much about leaks untill I saw that this album has. I was like why did it come out 2weeks early thats not right, so I went into stores to see if it came out and it didnt It feel kinda weird to me. This is still one of my favorite albums on this list and from Eminem. My favorite songs would have to be Sing For The Momment and Say Goodbye to Hollywood.

#17 Nox Arcana - Winter's Eve(2009)

Nox Arcana is really dark with its production. He uses a Dark/Ambient feel in his music and I really liked that. They only use production it was so dark, but beautiful at the same time. My favorite songs would have to be Frozen Memmories and Winds of Change.

#16 Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists(2005)

This was probably one of my favorite rock albums. I loved the artwork to it, the structure, the lyrics, and production where amazing. I really liked the guitar solos on their also. My favorite song would have to be Just Stop and I'm Alive.

#15 Grim Demize - Broken Time(2009)

Grim Demize is a unique Underground Artist. He uses a lot of great lyricism in his songs. I was suprised to hear this because I never really knew about him or Underground music. I felt kind of stupid after relizing Tech and Gordy where Underground, so I decided to see what other artist where. I looked him up then I cam upon this album. My favorite songs on this album are Her Eyes and If I Died Tonight,

#14 3 Doors Down - 3 Doors Down(2008)

What I've noticed in this era of rock it seemed like it was changing. They were barely any guitar solos, but I've always been a fan of rock music. They alway have great structure towards their albums, they have great lyricism. 3 Doors Down has to be my number one rock band of all time.

#13 Axel Rudi Pell - Kings and Queens(2004)

This was something like Speed Metal. It was really fast I mean the guitars where just banging through my headphones. I liked the lead singers voice also. I dont really have alot to say, but this album is was a great rock album. My favorite songs are Cold Heaven and Sailing Away.

#12 Tech N9ne - K.O.D(2009)

This my favorite album from Tech its number one to me. I related alot towards this album. I actually did want all my friends to leave me alone and not bother me. I just felt I was in solitude. But I loved the lyrics to this album. Really amazing Tech showed himself up in this album. I just feel Ill never stop listening to it. My favorite are Blackened The Sun and Leave Me Alone.

#11 Shinedown - The Sound of Madness(2008)

This was a great album from Shinedown. I loved the persons voice I liked who he singed. The guitars were pretty amazing also. I dont have too much to say about it, but Ill just go into my favorite songs wich were The Crow and The Butterfly and Second Chance.

#10 Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse(2009)

A great album from them. I simply loved it. The lyrics where amazing and The production as well. I started looking them up after I heard that they where signing to Shady. The album was great. Im glad I looked it up and bought it. My favorite songs are Pray(It's a Shame) and Rain Drops

#9 Trick Trick - The Villian(2008)

I didnt know too much about Trick Trick but his lyrics when I found him where dope as fuck. Eminem had alot of great production. I loved the beats they used. I dont have much to say about this one either, but my favorite songs are Crazy and You Told Me

#8 Kutt Calhoun - Raw And Unkutt(2010)

I liked the lyrics to this album alot. I wasnt that big of a fan of Kutt, but after I heard him on Sickology I saw that Kutt was going to release an album the next year. I suprised after I purchased it I got into it alot. It had alot of partying, darkness, and crazyness on it. My favorite song are Dark Nights and Calling My Name

#7 Cognito - Automatic(2010)

The first album that Ive noticed that Cog released. I also didnt know he was on Strange around that time. I didnt buy this album, but I downloaded it when it came out. I loved alot of songs on the album my favorites though where Pain and Outcast

#6 Krizz Kaliko - Viltigo(2008)

In my opinion Krizz is a very talented artist. He is still my favorite and always has been. I loved this album his voice is killer. His lyricism is on touch as well as production. My favorite songs are Beautful U R and Jungle Love.

#5 Hopsin - RAW(2010)

One of the first albums I listened to by Hop. I really got into him after this album. It had pure meaning and it was sort of dark and crazy thats what I liked about it. His lyrics are very on point. I was kind of suprised that he made his own beats that shocked me. My favorite songs on the album are Heather Nicole and Where Will I Go.

#4 Nox Arcana - Theatre of Illusion(2010)

Great production on here. Great melodies and chimes. It made me relaxed when I was angry I loved this album though. I dont have much to say but its a great album. My favorite songs and Forgotten Dreams and Shadowplay

#3 Eminem - Recovery(2010)

This is where you people are probably gonna hate on it, but it is a great album. The lyrics are amazing and production as well. Just because it sound too popish doesnt mean you souldnt like it. My favorite songs are Going Through Changes and 25 to Life.

#2 !MAYDAY! - Stuck on an Island(2010)

This album does have some good song. It may be too far reaced, but I liked. The lyrics were amazing. as well as the production to it. I dont have much to say but my favorite songs are Sell Your Soul and Freak Show.

#1 Tech N9ne - All 6's and 7's(2011)

The recent release from Tech is one of my favorite albums. I was so anticipated for it to release and it finnally did. I was kind of worried that it wouldnt gonna leak, but I listened and I liked it alot. The beats, the lyrics, and the structure where amazing. My favorite songs are If I Could and Cult Leader.