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Thread: And Dallas takes it home....

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    And Dallas takes it home....

    The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA finals tonight with a 105-95 victory

    I really wanted miami to win, but oh well

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    HELL YEA..ive been waitin since 04 since i started following them

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    Fuck all the Heat bandwagoners.

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    Congratz they deserved it!!!knew they were gonna win after what they did 2 my lakers ahhh

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    Jason Terry is underrated nuff said. Sick as fuck!

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    There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE.

    -Dan Gilbert

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    This, although I don't see that happening.

    Quote Originally Posted by Serjio Miranda

    Where are all the heat band wagoners now? Sure fucken quiet after talking shit all season. Miami doesn't deserve to win a title and I hope they never do.

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    this sucked. i was wanting my team (miami) to win. i guess the mavs just wanted it more.

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    Nowitzki put on one of the greatest playoff performances ive ever seen from the first series all the way to the finals

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    Very good series. Didnt really care who won, but nice to see Jason Kidd get a ring. I lol @ how so many people complained about the Heat bandwagon, when just as many Lebron/Heat haters jumped on the Mavs bandwagon to counteract it.

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