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Thread: Missing beat

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    Missing beat

    what the hell happend to this beat? (the 2nd one, from like 1:50 or something).

    I first tought it would be on kod.. now i had my hopes up for all 6 n 7's, but still aint havn't heard it yet. the beat goes damm hard, and he would totally kill it!

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    That beat was Raw!

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    sounds nasty

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    tech really should do something with that beat

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    ehh... whats that?

    Quote Originally Posted by Trey'Ashton Stephenson

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    did tech ever use the first one

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    I was thinkin bout this vid. the other day. I couldn't find this vid @ all i checkd this out last year b4 Lynch's album dropped.

    I was wondering if Tech was goin2 use any of these beats 4 all 6's & 7's after I heard it.

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