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Thread: Top 5 All 6's and 7's songs(Including bonus tracks)

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    Top 5 All 6's and 7's songs(Including bonus tracks)

    Well without the bonus tracks, I'd have to say my top 5 favorites are


    2. World Wide Choppers

    3. So Lonely

    4. Technicians

    5.The Boogieman

    But with the Bonus tracks, my favorites are

    1. Pornographic

    2. World Wide Choppers

    3. Face Paint

    4. This Is Hip Hop

    5. Technicians

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    I would enjoy knowing how So Lonely isnt #5 on your with bonus tracks list. Since it is above Technicians in the first one.

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    That was a mix-up. It should've been number 4 with Technicians as number 3

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    1. Love Me Tomorrow

    2. He's a Mental Giant

    3. Face Paint

    4. Worldwide Choppers

    5. F.A.N.S.

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    1. Worldwide Choppers (feat. Yelawolf, Busta Rhymes, Ceza, U$o, Twista, D-Loc The Gill God & Twista)

    2. Delusional (feat. Nikkiya Brooks)

    3. Am I A Psycho (feat. B.o.B & Hopsin)

    4. I Love Music (feat. Krizz Kaliko, Oobergeek & Kendrick Lemar)

    5. Mama Nem (feat. Krizz Kaliko)

    6. This Is Hip Hop (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung)

    7. He's A Mental Giant

    8. Love Me Tommorrow (feat. Big Scoob)

    9. Strangeland

    10. Fuck Food (feat. Lil Wayne & T-Pain)

    BONUS TRACK: Overtime (feat. Stevie Stone)

    The Whole album is GREAT except You Owe Like Pookie (feat. Kutt Calhoun & Jay Rock).. These lists are in no particular order, those are just my Top 10 from the disc! I know you said five, but I doubled up lol.. Sorry bout that.. The First Five are DEFINATELY my Top 5 though...

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    So Lonely
    Face Paint
    If I Could
    Eenie Meanie Miny Ho
    Fuck Food

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    So Lonely

    Cult Leader

    The Boogieman

    Am I A Psycho


    in no order

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    Face paint
    ya killin me

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    Rock & Roll N*gga


    Worldwide Choppers

    If I could

    Cult Leader

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    if i could

    this is hip hop

    cult leader


    am i a psycho

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