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Thread: top 5 concert bucket list?

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    top 5 concert bucket list?

    go go go

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    Daft Punk -- had a chance to see them at red rocks and couldnt make it =(

    Bone Thugs with Bizzy - got kicked out of their reunion show in LA for smoking a blunt 2 songs in =(

    (seen Bone without Bizzy 3 times)

    Method Man and Redman this saturday (4/20) in Denver but its sold out

    Notorious B.I.G. - if I was older than 10 when he died

    Free tickets for three days of global at redrocks this summer

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    oh, u mad?

    Quote Originally Posted by Franky J


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    Metallica, Strange, Slipkont, Shady, Hollywood Undead ALL ON THE SAME STAGE

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    2pac hologram


    mac dre hologram

    eazy-e hologram

    Led zeppelin drummers dead his hologram!

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    Pink Floyd on acid

    The Doors on acid

    Led Zeppelin on acid

    Slipknot on acid

    Tool on acid (already done this)

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    1. Onyx

    2. Bone Thugs

    3. Red & Meth

    4. Wu Tang

    5. travel back in time to go see NWA, Guns N Roses, Nirvana & Tupac

    6. Snoop & Tha Dogg Pound

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    I'm only going to list possible ones but obviously if it was possible Biggie, Pac etc would be on the list...

    Wu Tang - Going to see them at end of July for the 20th anniversary tour so that'll be crossed off the list soon


    Mayday & Ces Cru - Need these guys in the UK on tour and soon!



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    1. James Brown 68-72

    2. Pink Floyd 67-73.

    3. Led Zepplin 72-76

    4. Queen 81-84

    5. Doors 68-69

    Runners up: Issac Hays, Earth Wind & Fire, Janis Joplin, The Temptations, Kraftwerk, Hendrix, ELO and The London Symphony Orch. playing the Star Wars soundtrack live for the first time with John Williams conducting (I would have loved to been the recording Engineer too, lol).

    All in their prime, wow, could it get any better.

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