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    in the song strangeland, there is a dude talking about techs verse on the carter 4 saying that its crazy....first off does anyone know who that is talking? and what is everybody's expectations for techs verse? I think he will go fast as hell because it seems like thats what he likes to do on features...and I am hoping he tears into wayne like he should.

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    Some dude named Tyga. Hes down with lil wayne and the interview your talking about hes talking about the track wayne and tech did for Carter 4. If you actually listen to it he says(and this isnt an exact quote) he played me some of the carter 4 in LA and he got this cat Tech N9ne on there and the shit is fucking crazy

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    it's TYGA!, as in Tyga from young money, he's pretty young n a legit rapper imo.

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    LOL at myself cause I just re-read your post and Im a dumb ass. I thought you asked what song they were talking bout but my bad. Anyway ya some guy named Tyga guess hes on some young money type shit so I not too interested in his music. And ya I hope he goes hard and fast on the verse cause it should make wayne look dumb on his own cd.

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    Thats Tyga

    I expect him to start out with a regular flow and finish with a burst to blow everyone away.

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    It's a Wayne track so the shit might be to lazy for him to let go, but he'll top Wayne regardless.

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    Skip to 1:10 and Tech describes his verse lol

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