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Thread: question about lyrics

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    question about lyrics

    So ive been writing for a while as a hobby and ive recently decided to try and showcase my talents, but everything that ive done was written without a beat. My lyrics all have a certian melody and rythem so I was wondering if it would be best to post videos of accapellas, to try and fit or edit my lyrics to an already existing beat, or try to find a producer to make a beat around my flow? Other than that if I could get any other advice or tips on how to approach getting your name out there in an effective way I would really appriciate it.

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    How about, write new stuff to a beat.

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    I already am writing new stuff to beats, but some of what ive written already is gonna be incorporated into my music in one way or another at some point because i feel like its quality. I write when i have inspiration and ive got a ton of full and partial verses that have the kind of lyrics and word play and emotion that i would on my album/mixtape. I feel like for the most part that slightly speeding up or slowing down the verses, or slightly editing them will do the trick as long as i find the right beat. Anyway thanks for the input.

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    How about, write new stuff to a beat.

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