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Thread: Face paint reversed last part of song

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    Face paint reversed last part of song

    check it

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    um what does it say, I downloaded audacity like you said in your other thread and it wouldn't load

    or are you just trollin

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    listen to the end of the song tech always does a song on all of his cd's where he speaks backwards so if you reverse it he says it clear ill type what he says google audacity and down load it see for your self

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    he did it in trippin coming, face paint, absolute power, freaky, demons, the song K.O.D. featuring makenzie oguin, horns off k.o.d the course verse if you reverse it.... demonds he says hell is coming onward just cool shit... song imma tell reverse that intro... off killer dr fraziers office intro reverse that....ALUCARD/DRACULA many more

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    I know he did but audacity didn't work for me thanks, tech is a fan of messin with people

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