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Thread: the making of imma tell and im a player... old school shit

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    the making of imma tell and im a player... old school shit

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    This shit is hell old...U serusly havent watched this shit and you a fan on therealtechn9ne GTFO.

    U must be a new member.......Because u aint got no photo n shit.

    In the future u might not want to post some old shit that all of us have watched b4....Because every1 is goin to flame u 4 this1....Fuckin new Bee's....Is this what we are really going to have since there's goin 2 be all the Wayne's World fans converting.......SHITTTY U FAIL

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    ^^^ agreed u must not own absolute power for this u shudnt b makin videos of it ultimate bootlegger..... and if u dl albums instead of buyin them jus quit while ur ahead nd gtfo... down loaders shud sign out and stay out if u dnt support strange ur opinion dose not matter here IMO

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