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Thread: Some of the new fans are retarded lol

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    Some of the new fans are retarded lol

    I've read a few comments who decided to give him a listen and here's what they are saying.....1.) all and no substance 2.) rhymes too much 3.) uses simple rhymes like cat, hat, at ect. 4.) lil Wayne murdered him....LMMFAO you any of y'all agree with this?

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    Whoever says such things, are mindless fuckers.

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    its prolly just cause they cant hear his fast flows. as far as saying he rhymes too much is dumb cause thats a good thing when rapping.

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    They're probably used to hearing crap so they don't know what to do when they hear true talent.

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    People just want to hear music, they don't want to listen because most of them are as stupid as the rappers they listen to...

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    First of all, rhymes too much? Are people fucking stupid?

    Secondly, he's uses the most complex rhymes out there..the line that got me into Tech was "fuck you, you treated me, stupid and conceitedly"...I was like "shit, I didn't know rappers knew 4 syllable words"...He's become one of my favorite performers ever since (and that's PERFORMERS, not just rappers).

    And anyone who thinks Wayne went harder (or either of the former subjects) clearly knows nothing of linguistics.

    I think the problems are: he raps too fast for them, he uses words they don't know, his references are too sharp, his structure is too complex, they're mildly retarded.

    These are probably the same people who think "Cat Daddy," "Teach Me How to Dougie," and anything by Soulja Boi aren't complete fucking garbage.

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    I, Anthony Longo sign off on all of the above. ^

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    i Anthony second that

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Longo
    I, Anthony Longo sign off on all of the above. ^

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    thirds dat specially the mildly retarded part

    Quote Originally Posted by dj Strange Genius !
    i Anthony second that

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Longo
    I, Anthony Longo sign off on all of the above. ^

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    Lol....I 4th that shit, those people obviously dont know real lyrics when they hear them.

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