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Thread: Face Paint and This is Hip Hop - Backward Endings

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    Face Paint and This is Hip Hop - Backward Endings

    Face Paint Reversed:

    ''Think again thank again nigga


    The angels been long gone

    You full blooded Animal


    Thats whats inside of you

    You just don't wont to admit it

    But you know you become... Totaly Animal

    And the Face Paint brings it forth hahaha''


    This is hip hop reversed:

    ''To all the youngsters out there listening to this

    Find some sort of education or understanding of life and how it was

    And then try to find how you can continue to grow this thing

    And better this thing

    And take this thing to Higher Hights

    With more knowledge

    And more conviction to perserve this thing called Hip Hop''


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    Wtf is this shit.

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    good shit bro!

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    how bout the chick at the end of fuck food? what's she say?

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    thanks for all 3 guys.

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    Thanks man! I have been wondering!

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