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    Sold out

    I went to my local Best buy to pick up my deluxe edition of 6's and 7's and I got that last copy. I had to ask them to look it up and they only had 1 copy left. The copy was in some random place but I found it with only 2 other copies of the regular edition. Basically I was impressed to find that almost all of them were gone. I was saying to myself when I was trying to find it that I didn't even care if they don't have anymore because that means he sold out and maybe this album will get the credit it deserves. So do you guys think this will get some legit cred this time around as far as winning any awards or maybe going gold or something?


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    yeah i hear ya bro... i found my in the lady gaga new release section...

    i was like what the fuck..

    was trying to grab it before work but they werent open. been waiting mad long didnt was to ruin it on youtube.

    tho it was killing me,

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