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    Did anyone notice at the end of Snoops verse he says "It took a minute just to write this"?

    I mean Snoops the man but his lyrics were bad & really sounded like he did them in a minute.

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    Ya man idk snoops been slipping his past couple albums imo. Still got maaad respect for the dude for all the things he's accomplished though no doubt.

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    Yea plenty of respect for him but its almost like that guy that is not funny but you laugh at his jokes. You don't want to be rude but c'mon Snoop.

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    got respect but he embarrassed himself on that track

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    imo Snoop was just kinda "there" on the track. It wasn't good, it wasnt bad, it just was just sorta forgettable. I always imagined that when Tech and Snoop finally collabed it would have been a different track than this. I still like the song overall though

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