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Thread: whose going to do it?

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    whose going to do it?

    iv got to ask, whose goin to/wants to edit Fuck Food so its just tech?

    love the song but the sound of waynes voice makes me want to cut people

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    STFU n stop whining about wayne, listen to it or skip it, editing it would ruin the song

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    I personally hate Wayne, but his verse is one of the best I've heard from him since the Hot Boyz.

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    Dude i never listened to wayne but damn that verse was flame!!!

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    Yeah, someone already did that shit and got an earful, why would you ask? And to say this was Waynes best since the hot boys is retarded. Wayne has some good tracks, somewhere but he didn't even go that hard on this. It was acceptable but not spectacular.

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    wayne's shit was punchline rap, nothen more, fuck his verse, rest of the song was pretty hot. i still rock it at work. i played the whole cd at work like 4 times today, it had everyone going crazy putting all kinds of Duct together

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