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Thread: F.Y.E. pissed me off..

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    F.Y.E. pissed me off..

    I went to F.Y.E. today right after school to get All 6's & 7's and almost blew my load when I saw a big ass Tech poster on the store window and a whole shelf of A6A7 albums and I felt like I was in a twilight zone when I picked it up BUT when I was paying, the lady at the counter said if I wanted to give them $3 to reserve a copy of Tha Carter IV... why can't anything go right? That shit pissed me off and I wanted to be like "I'm buying Illmatic & A6A7.... do you seriously think I want that piece of shit? WTF?!" and smack the bitch in the face but I let it go and just said "no thanks" and left lmbdo just thought I'd share

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    maybe she liked the wayne track.....

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    Cool story bro

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    They Have alot of the DVD version? Wont be getttin to a FYE till next week and I don't want it to sell out!

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    you have no reason to be pissed off when i cant even get the fye n best buy version cuz i live up in Canada
    that is pissing me off its fuckin bullshit

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    U are a dumbass

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    thanks for the wise words guys and the dvd isn't worth it. I regret getting the fye version :/ it's just a video of an interview I already saw on youtube talking about the tracks on the album

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