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    ok so since ive heard about these artists mentioned by tech himself ive been listening to there shit and i think they would be great additions to strange... PLEASE ADD IN YOUR OPINION OF THESE ARTISTS AND SOME YOU THINK SHOULD GET SOME RECOGNITION BY THE MAN HIMSELF TECCA N9NA...

    1.Hopsin-we all know he fits the bill. Hes good, hes unique, hes dark and dude can spit. this seems like the most obvious to me at this point besides the next ill mention...

    2. Irv Da phenom- i have no idea what the rest of yall think about em, but i love irvs shit he can flow, and hes a nice change of pace for kailiko when he drops his singing parts and choruses. This guy is versatile and at the same time different form anyone on strange right now, besides kaliko it wud be nice to see some more singers.

    3. Nikkiya- I know most of you probably havent heard much of her shit yet except on techs new album that was released today, but check out some of her stuff on youtube. click the link to here one of her songs. "when i was high"

    i think the girls got talent she can rap and i love her unique of singing. tech said they dont have no females yet and i think she could be what they need. PLEASE TECH GRAB THIS GIRL SHES MY FAV. FEMALE FT. SO FAR.

    4.ces cru- last but not least ces cru... ive been listening to there shit for a month or two now and i think these guys got some great talent and there own flavor and . there just coming up too and have yet to reach there full potential if you dont know bout em check em out. There on some real emcee shit... ok well thats it for me..


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    Craig Smith. He has done songs with Tech before.

    Immortal Technique. 1. He makes good songs. 2. Technique and Tech N9ne are similar (the names)

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    Ya Nikkiya is Cool she be a nice addition to strange she did a song or two with yelawolf i liked her voice on Delusional & Promiseland she should get signed to strange. O and Shadow from Tech's collabos

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    craig smith would b dope

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    immortal technique would be dope, but its just like immortal make totally different than anyone on strange, some political rapper.. i dont know man it wouldn't fit in but that would make it so strange
    strange music already has a big viarity of artist imo all with different 's and that makes strange music strange music

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig

    Craig Smith. He has done songs with Tech before.

    Immortal Technique. 1. He makes good songs. 2. Technique and Tech N9ne are similar (the names)

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    Tech should snatch up B.Hood..

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    I would like to see Hopsin AND SwizZz on there but Hop runs his own lable so the only way that could happen is if Strange takes controll of Funk Volume.

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    2 words, signing freeze.


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    thanks for the info im not big into hopsin like a big fan or anything so i did not know that. but thanks for letting me know brother.

    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeKiddz
    huh how many times do i have to this? Hopsin.Will.NOT.Sign.With.Strange.! he wants to his own shit in FV

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    they dont gotta sign everyone... and i hope they dont fuckin sign everyone, but there are some artists that will be signed no matter what because there good... and certain artists once signed are hard to get ahold of or hard to find time aside from the shit there doing for there label and everyone on it. main thing is from a personal and business standpoint sign the ones you know got talent because 1. there dope and if you have em you got em for whatever songs u want em to jump on, no prob jump in the studio wam bam thirty min. maybe a cup. hours and its done if there with another label shit aint that easy. and 2. because once you sign them if they are as good as you thought then you make alot of money as a label which means bigger production better quality more releases and u get to hear more from the artists you like as opposed to them going to a diff. label and being MADE/FORCED to record certain types of music or do lame shit with lame artists. thats why.. nuff said

    Quote Originally Posted by joe
    why they gotta sign everyone? they can still make music with people without havin to sign em. just leave the shit alone...

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