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Thread: All 6s and 7s

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    All 6s and 7s

    I woke up this morning and that's the first thing I thought of. Comment if you did the same thing.

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    first thing i thought of is damn Best Buy needs to open so i can get that deluxe edition and wtf is up with itunes why cant anyone buy the deluxe edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i know me too

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    No one cares what u think about when u first wake up, but since u thought about it, go buy 5 copies

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    yeah its driving me nuts i garuntee that it will push it into top 5 or so if the deluxe edition were working thats what all of us are waiting on.....Itunes is slacking hardcore

    Quote Originally Posted by G-FR3$H 3six0
    i know me too

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    i got it yesterday so 6s and 7s was the last thought before i went to sleep lol

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    Lol I bought it, but it's being shipped to my Grandparents house, so I ended up downloading it this morning. I've been listening to it since about 7. Honestly, first thing I thought of this morning was "Why the fuck did I stay up til 7?!?" lol.

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