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Thread: Kutty on some ROCK SHIT!

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    Kutty on some ROCK SHIT!

    Y'all need to check out a song call "Pressure" by Black Oxygen feat. Kutty.

    That's some awesome rap-rock shit there!

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    Yea it is a sick song. I have had it for about a month now

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    Word. Heard 30 seconds of it and bought it the day it came out. Kutt is too underrated man its sickening. I'm kickin it with just him at the next show.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Ritter
    Yea it is a sick song. I have had it for about a month now

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    buddy... we all know.

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    Yeah, I would like to see Black Oxygen work with more Strange Music artists.. I can tell Kutt and them had that natural chemistry though...

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    shit it seems like ive had this for almost a year

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    Nick - I had it in my "Wish List" for a couple weeks.

    Tony - He's extremely underrated, but his true fans know what's up.

    Khristopher - You're right, they had wicked chemestry. I think he should work with Black Oxygen on a few more songs or an album, that would be fuckin' awesome and hold me over until KABOSH gets released... Whenever that happens...

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