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Thread: First time Tech N9ne Meet n Greet

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    First time Tech N9ne Meet n Greet

    What should I expect to happen at the Meet n Greet? I'm not really sure what I'm going to say to some of these artists.

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    Just be yourself! there normal people that happen to be crazy talented yada!

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    Yea, and don't be acting like u a huge fan of artist u don't know just as questions don't be a nervous wreck cuz you'll look ridiculous but be excited...just be how u always are cuz these are real dudes n if u actin like sum one your not then they will notice it n blow u off or look at u like u fake as hell..just be cool n chat bout collabs or watever u wana know.

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    id love to either get drunk or high with tech. thats what I'd expect from my meet n greet.

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    I've been to 3 meet n greets so far. Basically just be yourself....BUT don't be a Stan. They can pick up on people who admire and appreciate them for who they are, but some of the artists will get annoyed by the overly obsessive people. Also, if you bring anything to sign like a poster or CD insert, make sure it's out and ready not behind the CD case, saves time on the lines and artist. If you ask any questions make sure they're legit, don't ask something you want to know but might irritate them.

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    Thanks! Can't wait to go there. It's going to be something else!

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    Be yourself, have fun and relax.

    They all breath oxygen, laugh, love, and piss just like you.

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    Random question, can they sign stuff that is black? I wanna get the strange music flag signed.

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    Yeah they all use silver sharpies

    Quote Originally Posted by Albright212

    Random question, can they sign stuff that is black? I wanna get the strange music flag signed.

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    They use silver paint markers. They even show up on the metal flasks they sell at the merch booth (if they still sell em there)

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