whats up all my L.A. fans? heres whats going down in the near future

new album "Cardell" will be out LATE SUMMER, were just waiting on some features and some mixing and itll be out! if you havent seen the first track sample released "Beast Mode" then ill link it at the bottom.

we started a street team if you guys want to help the movement! we will have physical promo for the album and right now were just posting "Beast Mode" to build hype. heres the link to it. "like" it and if you wanna help it explains where to email to get your name on the list!!



l.a. will be on all the colorado Tech N9ne shows. they are- June 28th in GJ, CO, 29th AND 30th in Co Springs, July 1st Denver, July 2nd in Fort Collins. ALSO he will be at the Gathering of the Juggalos which is in August!

"Beast Mode"


Thank you guys!!!!