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Thread: The Best Of Tech N9NE

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    The Best Of Tech N9NE

    This is a single disc best of mix i made for myself to rock out...i think the tracklist is pretty dope

    Tech N9ne: Best Of

    <ol>[*]Einstein Tech N9NE (3:58)[*]Twisted (6:14)[*]Trapped In A Pycho's Body (5:08)[*]T9X (6:28)[*]Come Gangsta (5:35)[*]Running Out Of Time (4:37)[*]This Is Me (4:44)
    [*]The P.A.S.E.O. (5:47)[*]Hope For A Higher Power (5:57)[*]Happy Ending (4:44)[*]Last Words (4:14)[*]Red Nose (5:05)[*]Blackened The Sun (4:24)[*]Low (3:33)[*]K.O.D. (5:12)[*]Cult Leader (4:46)[*]Delusional (4:12)[*]Promiseland (4:41)

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    Maybe you should mix them up a little more so they're not in such a chronological order. Definitely some great songs on here though. Maybe you should get an iPod though, it holds more songs.

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    Well we all have opinions about what his best songs are, but this is a good playlist.

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