Just something I wrote. I cut the bars in half so it would be easier to read. Criticism would be appreciated.

Deemed with the highest prestige

Manifesting to the diamond league

If I ever try at MP3s

Please go and buy my CDs

Annihilating dry MCs

Dilating eyes seeing

There PC siding these schemes

Start rewriting your piece

If simple shits an instant hit

Then this'll get no listens and

Missiles miss your frickin' pick

If this was a Wiz and then

A little mix of shit then spit

Would tingle little kids with clits

Sick shit but never the less the truth

Dope skills get you a shitty revenue

Open your box for an envelope

Bad news like a pregnant ho

Now your status is next to broke

Mainstream, I bets a joke

Was it really meant to gross

Millions in cash from senseless dopes

With zilch to say just relentless, old

Material that was never good

No meaningful words or message

No seasons or alerting presage

Literally nada to learn and set in

Shit just gotta be burned and lessoned

What's alluring and so impressive

No deserving for there excessive

Bullshit but they burp and get rich

I could eat them like Kirby, that's it