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Thread: Bonus Tracks?

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    Bonus Tracks?

    I know the Bonus songs for itunes but does anyone know what the other tracks are? And what stores?

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    There's 3 from iTunes and 3 from best buys deluxe edition, you also get one of the 40$ or something strange music pendants when you but it 6/7 in stores for 16$

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    Na from Walmart u get $10 in Strange bucks

    Best Buy u get spend $15 for a $60 Snake & Bat pendant, bonus songs

    .Face Paint, Give It Up, and Rock And Roll Ni**a

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    This is straight off Techs blog

    iTunes :
    • "Eenie Meanie Miny Ho"
    • "This Is Hip Hop"
    • "Ya Killin Me"

    • "Face Paint"
    • "Give it Up"
    • "Rock and Roll Nigga"

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