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Thread: Snoop Dogg

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    Snoop Dogg

    Does anyone else think the whole Lil Wayne controversy took over the fact that Snoop Dogg was on All 6's And 7's??? I mean Snoop's also a very big mainstream name so why did he not cause such a big controversy?

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    Wayne is one of the most popular "artists" in the world, but continually puts out music with lyrics that are just...not up to par. Yet, he still claims to be (and has a lot of fans that call him) the "Greatest Rapper Alive", despite the fact that a lot of his verses don't go with the song, he throws random lines together (6 foot 7, for example), and over uses his similes (____ like ____) on a large portion of his songs these days.

    I guess if I had to sum Wayne up in one word, it'd be "overrated", and a lot of Tech N9ne fans feel very strongly about this, and felt Tech would be decreasing the quality of his music instead of coming in typical Tech fashion.

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    Snoop will work with anyone for the right price, so its no big deal...

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