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Thread: Love me Tomorrow!!!!!

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    Love me Tomorrow!!!!!

    I know I aint supposed 2 have the album yet but fuck it....I just heard "love me 2omorrow"on all 6s and 7s.HOLY SHIT.I h8 on that singing shit all the time but holy fuck.When its done right that shit is soooooo tight.For anyone that said tech is going mainstream ur about 2 be fucking dissapointed.

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    album is insanity

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    oh how i cannot wait for everyone to dickride each and every song...

    we all know its good.. ide rather let it boil over for a month instead of ruin it with childish obsessions.

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    This 1000000000000 times.

    Quote Originally Posted by sean diego
    album is insanity

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    I like how Krizz changes the lyrics each time on the hook, to tie in with each versre.

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