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Thread: Next Video.

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    Next Video.

    Fuck food...that'd be awesome.Just to see tech standing next to wayne and rip it. Idk.

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    that'd do good... if they could make a clean version sound decent

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    ^ LOL just flat out "no" thats why Matt is awesome!

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    next video is WWC


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    Yea.. WWC would be better anyways... I'd be more impressed with Tech standing next to Busta than I would Wayne...

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    Tech standing next to Wayne is the best you could come up with? Fuck that. I'd rather see some bad ass bitch in a gothic looking room. Dark lighting, dark feel to it. Shit, throw some tattoos on that bitch. Hell, get two or three of em. One to be the "victim" in Tech's 1st verse, one for Wayne's verse, and a third for Tech's final verse.

    Have em all fuckin with each other during the intro, have Tech pull one into some room for the first. Wayne pull a second one in, and Tech pull the third one. After each verse, have the chick from that verse leave the room lookin like she just got her shit destroyed.

    When the voice changes happen on Tech's verse, I can definitely picture some distortion of lighting, faces, what ever.

    When Wayne speeds up his flow, I can definitely picture some "snapshot" like filming, where you see a scene of some chick writhing and biting the pillow, a quick fade in from black, then fade out, then boom, another scene, and another, and another, until the chorus hits and she comes strolling out of that room looking like got her ass whooped.

    I wouldn't even want to see Tech standing next to Wayne, or T-Pain.

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    Lol..WWC was a no brainer i think. Fuck food should be the next or Am I A Psycho.
    I would personally like to see Fuck would do better and they dont have to make a clean version..the videos going to be seen regardless...Tech..(100k+ fans that i know of) Wayne (500k+ fans) and T-pain (moths)
    It's a win win for the artist...I doubt these artist really care what you really have to say or think,i mean possibly to an extent but if came down to expansion or keeping the same ol fans that want me to be depressed and angry all the time... i'd choose the latter,too.
    Techs a technician...not a hater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty King
    ^ LOL just flat out "no" thats why Matt is awesome!

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