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Thread: K.A.B.O.S.H Vs. 816 Boyz Vs. 6688846993

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    K.A.B.O.S.H Vs. 816 Boyz Vs. 6688846993

    After All 6's and 7's and Strangeland (Tech N9ne Collabos) TBA

    What Are we all gonna want more??

    Message for Tech N9ne:

    Give us what we'v been waiting for. lol We ALL know you have big plans and big steps to keep things going, but (I) Think this is what the "People" have been waiting for. (Up top) Were not rushing the stroke, because every hit counts for something amazing and you do it every time you grab the Mic.

    But still, After 6's/7's and Strangland and the Kluster Fuck (Ep's) What should we be looking forward to?

    Message for the Technicians:

    I hope your on my side with this. We ALL can say we want a piece of -

    (K.A.B.O.S.H Vs. 816 Boyz Vs. 66888466993) (Right)??

    - But till then Keep the Love and Support for Strange Music going.

    something has gotta give.

    (P.s) Please help me with this. i know we have Alot of Dick's on this site, but Its only music.

    Oh Titts or GTFO

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    K.A.B.O.S.H... Easily.

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    What about it would you look forward to? Be sides Dirty Wormz. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Brendon Wiles
    K.A.B.O.S.H... Easily.

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    Umm.. Have you not heard little pills? Tech sounds amazing over a band.

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    Here's the deal with kabosh. Tech wants to be in the right mindframe when they do it. He said in a interview right now his in a lyrical mind set. When he gets the mind set for kabosh he said he will do it

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    KABOSH. If I Could calmed me down a lil bit about it since it had the deftones with tech but damn i gotta hear that shit soon

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    been waiting on kabosh for a long fuckin time

    but if a nnutthowze album has many tracks like whats yo psycho then i wanna see that instead

    and i think this thread needs to replace 816 boyz with 57RDV's. i could be mistaken but didnt tech say in an interview a while back there would be a rouge dog villanz album? i know i would much rather hear that than an 816 album

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    816 Boyz

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    Still looking forward to all of these possible future projects. If I had to choose one in particular though I'd have to go with hmmm... Probably the new Nnutthowze album depending on who they recruited to fill the void spots in the group. With that in mind I'll choose a close second by picking K.A.B.O.S.H. I've absolutely dug every single Rock infused song from Strange so far, as they never disappoint. The 816 Boyz concept is cool/funny but there lies the problem. The entire get down is presented as a joke. So I'd really have a hard time picking that album over other certifiably dope projects rumored such as Nnutthowze or K.A.B.O.S.H. I'd still like to see all of these albums come to fruition though. It looks as if Strange has a full plate already come 2012 with the possibilities of the Tech N9ne Collabos Strangeland, Brotha Lynch Hung's Mannibalector, Krizz Kaliko's Kicking And Screaming, Big Scoob And Em Collabos, Stevie Stone's new album, iMayday!'s new album, Irv Da Phenom's new album, and Young Bleed's new album if they are in fact planning on having all of those releases hit next year. Not to mention that Kutt Calhoun may decide to announce another solo album within that time frame. And if by some out of this world reason that Strange is somehow planning on the down-low to surprise everyone in the near future and pick up Hopsin, that would also throw Knock Madness into the mix of things as well (far out I know but we can dream, can't we?). That's only 2012 though, meaning we still have Jay Rock's debut album Follow Me Home and the rest of the Strange roster's EPs to look forward to this year. Tech also mentioned the possibility of dropping a couple more mixtapes that he's discussed with different DJs. Only time will tell what's to come next. I guess we'll just have to wait and see now won't we?

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