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Thread: All 6's & 7's LEFTOVERS

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    All 6's & 7's LEFTOVERS

    any idea whats the future for them? mainly This Is Hip Hip with Brotha Lynch and Eenie Meanie Miney Ho cause i remember them being mentioned heavily before the tracklist dropped, i was hopin they'd drop as bonus tracks but after seeing the BestBuy list not even that, so anyone know i Strange'l put them out?

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    Best Buy isn't the only store that go bonus tracks.

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    that doesn't answer my question

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    well there is the kluster fuck ep so i guess after we see all the bonus songs from different stores I guess whatever is left over will be on the ep

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    either kluster fuck or maybe itunes exclusive

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    Yeah, do we know what's at FYE, and whether iTunes will have "bonus tracks"?

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    its jus that i check'd on wiki n they only showing FANS and the 3 best buy tracks as the bonus tracks so that had me more curious, there no info what tracks will come with the other stores?

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    I'd say they'll be part of the Kluster Fuck EP or Itunes released. I expect Tech to announce the songs on Itunes/FYE Exclusive sometime within the next 3 days, but it's just a hunch lol.

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