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Thread: Any Suggestions

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    Any Suggestions

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    i wanted to put KOD and the two ep's together. So i deleted the skits and added all of the ep songs besides bite me and the intro to seepage. Let me know if it looks good and add your own tracklist.

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    you should move last sad song to the end of the list bro

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    That's a good idea.

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    Well played sir. Well played

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    I really like the 'Bite Me' track. Why didn't you put it on there?

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    I think Martini is more fitting than Last Sad Song

    Quote Originally Posted by Dantennana
    you should move last sad song to the end of the list bro

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    Maybe you should put Seepage up the list. Because it looks like you have the "Anger", "Madness", and "The Hole" sections all grouped together. (in the order the sections our played) Except Seepage. lol

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    I did this a while back and kept the skits;
    1 Show Me a God
    2 The Warning
    3 Choking From It
    4 Seepage
    5 Demons
    6 Stress Relief
    7 Blackened The Sun
    8 Strange Music Box
    9 Sundae
    10 Check Yo Temperature
    11 B.Boy
    12 Like I Died (the massed up one on youtube of the original + remix)
    13 Hunterish
    14 The Pick Up
    15 In the Trunk
    16 009NA
    17 Pinocchiho
    18 Bite Me
    19 Alucard
    20 Horns
    21 F.U.N.
    22 Interview with Jason Whitlock
    23 It Was an Accident
    24 Shadows on the Road
    25 Low
    26 Pain Killer
    27 Last Sad Song (with that "STRANGE Music" edited out)
    28 Leave Me Alone
    29 Prayer
    30 Trippin' Comin' (with that "STRANGE Music" edited out)
    31 Messages
    32 Killing You
    33 Asshole
    34 K.O.D.
    35 The Martini

    I personally dubbed the part after "Leave Me Alone" the pinnacle because usually after the "Hole" you either go insane or you just get better

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    I don't know why you wouldn't have bite me, that's like Absolute Power without Slither

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    @Lulz Nice list

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