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Thread: THIS is who needs to sign to Strange next.

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    THIS is who needs to sign to Strange next.

    <p ="byline">by Steven J. Horowitz[/p]
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    <img src="" alt="Busta Rhymes Is Reportedly A Free Agent" ="right large"/>

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    , the music industry veteran, who just launched his A&amp;R website, doesn't think artists need a label to get radio play. "We have Uncle Murda right now, he has a record on Hot 97 and he isn't signed. Guess what? Busta Rhymes isn't signed right now either," he laughed.

    E.L.E. 2</em>, which will feature production from <a href="" target="_blank">DJ Premier</a> and DJ Scratch. The album will also be <a href="" target="_blank">narrated by Chris Rock[/url].

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    This exact same thread has already been made and its only like 6 posts down.

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    Damn!! Well Buss could do shit by himself and be fine, Independently I mean. Itd be a nice pick up!

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    now its on top of this thread but after this post it would be below..same thread......right below

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    I don't see any threads bout it, my bad.

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    they need to get spice 1 on strange i know he can still kill shit

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    Could you imagine Busta being with the "Strictly Strange" tours in the future, getting all giddy inside just by the thought of it

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