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Thread: Video's from the Spokane Show last night

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    Video's from the Spokane Show last night

    I thought i'd hook you guys up that are still waiting on the show with some videos from last night's show. I recorded all of these myself, and have more uploading if you want them.

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    well wow, that looks awful as far as formatting that post, but the videos are the point, so enjoy!

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    thanks for this!

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    No problem, I still have 11 videos uploading, i'll post them when they finish.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Curry
    thanks for this!

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    sweet, thanks dude

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    More video's for you all......

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    And Finally, this is the last of what i took..... the two where tech is just talking to the crowd are pretty awesome, especially the one where he talks to a girl that he used to fuck with.

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    Its cool u put em up but thats hella givin it away

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    If you don't wanna see 'em, don't watch 'em...... seems pretty simple to me...... Before i go to any show, i watch as many videos that are up about the tour as possible, i still have a fucking kick ass time at the show......

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan
    Its cool u put em up but thats hella givin it away

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    Any one else tired of seeing I'm a Playa performed??? Lol Like, it's a ic song so I understand..but when you've been to 5+ shows it's something that signifies the end of the show. It'd be cool if they just surprised us all one tour and ended on something completely different.

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