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Thread: King Gordy releasing two new albums...

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    King Gordy releasing two new albums...

    Jesus Christ's mistress (Summer 2011)

    King Gordy Is... Pregnant With God's Baby(early 2012)

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    lol Gordy on his shit again

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    Though associated with the name, I'm not really familiar with the artist; could someone suggest 5 or so of his VERY BEST songs to see if this is something I'd be interested in following?

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    Fly Away, Move Along, Sing For The Dead, Bridges To Burn, Lucifer

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    Thanks, I'm gonna go faceplant a pillow shortly, but I'll check those out shortly; I've actually found a few things I've liked through this site, which is funny because 10 years or so ago I had a strictly rock/metal music collection; with only liking a handful of rappers, now Tech's probably my all around favorite musician. I'd like to see what he could do with something like Anthrax or Megadeth instrumentals instead of beat, him and Pantera (sans Anselmo, just the band) could have made the most brutal track ever had Dimebag Darryl (the Tech N9ne of guitarists) not been killed.

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    hahaha hes a crazy fuck

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    I would say the entity is the best of gordys work. The entire album is so fucking brilliant, nothing he's done since has been as good in my opinion.
    Its like after entity he tried too hard to be horrorcore and appeal to the juggalos. He started just sayig shit for shock value, like bizzare.
    Nightmares, situations, fight, nobody hates nothin, no lights, pass me a lighter, I can't limit it to 5. Just go to youtube and listen to king gordy the entity in its entirety.
    I think gordy should focus all of his attention on making one good album, rather than 2 mediocre ones. Hopefully the next few are good, but we will see.

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    his best song is Thats Detriot.

    if you dont listen to that, then shame on you

    next best:

    Gladiator (holy fuck)

    reach the sun

    King (very very good, drops techs name)

    sing for the dead

    all of those are epic as fuck.. ide say my top 3 is Thats Detriot, King, Gladiator

    his best album imo is KOH2 tho.

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    Go Get a Knife,Nightmares,Time to Die,When the Darkness falls are his best songs

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    damn Gordy is a weird mother fucker haha

    best songs:
    Bridges to Burn
    Reach The Sun
    When Darkness Falls
    Go Ahead And Die
    Worship Me/ Murder Me feat. Sal

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