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Thread: do u know who hopsin is?

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    do u know who hopsin is?

    if ur in seattle july 2nd its goin down at the nectar lounge 4-8pm all ages/bar wit id.. Hopsin and swizZz live.. if u dont know he on the all 6s and 7s cd wit tech and b.o.b. so get at me for tix presale is 10 bucks and then 14 @ the door.2534143172 ask for harry

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    Dude.............everyone here knows Hopsin

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    Probly the most talked about artist on this website besides strange music artist

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    Dude.............everyone here knows Hopsin

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    Is this guy serious?

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    Who the heck is Hopsin??

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuDHa

    Who the heck is Hopsin??

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    kill yourself...

    Quote Originally Posted by BuDHa

    Who the heck is Hopsin??

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    That's like asking a white person if you know who Eminem is lol

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