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    Rhyme Asylum

    They're my favorite group ever, I'm sure most of you will like them (if you can get past the accent, I can), they're punchlines and quotables are mind blowing, and they deserve to be more recognized IMO, they're from the UK, with two albums, State of Lunacy and Solitary Confinement, Possessed can eat any rapper alive IMO

    here's some songs from them:

    Stark Raving Genius:


    Poison Penamnship:

    The Art of Raw:

    and look here how Psiklone (first verse), and Possessed (2nd verse) ate Crooked I (4th verse) alive:

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    Poison Penmanship

    Related Videos: Rebecca Black- Friday

    On another note, I thought it was good and all, but no stylistic changes throughout their verse.

    It's kinda the same thing through the whole thing

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    Not sure I dig their flow, but thems is some tight ass lyrics.

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    @Living T, they're flow on one song tends to be repetitive, but nothing short than impressive though.and LMFAO @the related vid!

    @Malevolent Mike, Their Flow is either u love it or hate it, and In my case I love it, and yeah they're lyrics are light years advanced, it's jaw-breaking

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    definately one of the best (if not THE BEST) doing it in the UK, these guys are raw as fuck, you just gotta get past the accent, the quotables are INSANE, both albums are hella sick, i'm ready for a 3rd one, and i gotta disagree i thought Crooked I held it and came out with the overall better verse on that

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