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Thread: "What if" theories

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    "What if" theories

    What if god wouldn't real

    What if Tech N9ne sounded like Lil Wayne

    What if Eminem was black

    What if we were all in god's head

    What if aliens are real

    What if dreams attend to haunt you

    What if hell isnt bad as we thought

    What if we had no order in this economy

    What if the president was an anti-christ

    What if angels were made to kill us all

    What if the devil was the one who created us

    What if everyone could control love

    I could go on all day making "what ifs"

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    What if Soulja Boy, Lil' Wayne, Catdaddy Guy, and Teach Me How to Dougie guy knew how to write music?

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    What if this was a good, had 2 do it

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    I'd thought about it, decided to diss the shit of the music scene...what if I hadn't?

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    what if pocket change was a lemon cupcake ass nigga

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    What if all the virgins on this site stopped creating threads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy Zakrajsek
    what if pocket change was a lemon cupcake ass nigga

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    What if people quit re-posting the same songs on YouTube over and over again

    What if people on TRTN forum quit posting the same topics over and over again and started using the search bar

    What if the average IQ increased and people became bored of rap/hiphop because of its lack of musicianiship

    What if people finally realized that its far better to get drunk on liquor than beer

    What if people Marijuana was legalized and many people switched from Tobacco to Marijuana

    What if people quit buying hip-hop design shirts due to the realization that they'll become fucked up looking once its washed

    What if females thought more about what kind of guy they're getting themselves into instead of just going with an asshole and pretending they didn't know better later after they've already been physically/psychology abused

    What if Christians stopped trying to spread conspiracy propaganda and stopped trying to get things banned/boycotted

    What if people stopped thinking its trendy to become a vegan/bulimic/anorexic

    What if people finally realized being Emo is just a gay little cry for attention and stopped becoming Emo

    What if more Juggalos were actually ethnic and or white and educated rather than just hick/hill billy/white trash

    What if Wal-Mart and Target closed down and we got rid of all the chinese sweat shops

    What if people quit saying "buck up" and stopped giving into how terrible the world has become and did something about it for once

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