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Thread: I love music lyric by tech n9ne

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    I love music lyric by tech n9ne

    i been all over the net tryna find the words to this song, can someone be the shit and help a nigga out...right on

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    yo bro look this shit some words arent in there but most is there

    <p ="text-align: left;">The, the
    The reason that I'm breathin seepin hit it gets me cheese while I'm eatin' in Bad Season Was deep in beef and was needin' some beasta release in evenings Instead of me being up and bleedin' with these young heathens with cheese and obstacles

    Made it possible for the flow, gotta be profitableYour text's audible, his inarguable prada prophet was plausible God is so good for givin' me music! Liftin', gettin' me though it when I was fixin' to lose it
    Dudes hit Big Scoob's shit 'n reppin' the blue tip Foo's skipped with a jews hit we jumped in the two whip Full clips for who stick the homie for true gripMy crew, thanks to music, we all living through it
    Got me out of the ghetto Got me mucho dineroIn Cozumel, Mexico shorts and Jordans and a sombrero This gift, ain't given from a devil, so settle
    Come and get this rebel music that's hot as a kettle, pendejo Saved my life, paid my lights, made my wife, say "Bye Bye"Gave my night babes, I like prayed my mic Would never fade, forever slayed, days I write
    My chedda raise up better, faze way high hyped My music's one reason I always get to lay my pipeThe reason tech nina can comfortably say "Night, night"Blessed me, with original flow, so Hey! Why bite?
    I hear, I feel, I live, listen, and learn.I like

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