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Thread: hiphopdx FAIL

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    hiphopdx FAIL

    ....opening for EPMD in 7th grade from a contest.

    "This was the first contest I won. I was still in high school and I won a rap contest to open up for EPMD and it fell on my graduation day. So I had to choose, and I chose to open for EPMD at the Kemper Arena," he said. After that day, I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life and I guess I made the right choice."

    how're you in highschool when your in 7th grade lol?

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    Cause He's a Mental Giant!!

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    i guess so since he graduated in 7th grade too. the show fell on his graduation day in 7th grade

    Quote Originally Posted by TK
    Cause He's a Mental Giant!!

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    That site has the worst writers, even basic knowledge known to casual fans of artists finds a way to get butchered by them.

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