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Thread: I know all we've heard so far of all 6's and 7's are snippets but...

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    I know all we've heard so far of all 6's and 7's are snippets but...

    Is it just me or does Tech on quite a few of the snippets sound kind of tired like as if hes kinda totally inconsistent on some songs and they sound like they don't belong on the album. Like..




    You Owe Like Pookie

    The rest sound fire, but for 31 beats to have been bought and for him to still want to record and put out the 13 other songs. Well, that kinda leaves me wondering if he could have replaced those with far better songs and kept those as some of the bonus songs. I mean if he waited and recorded the rest he could have picked far better replacements and as I said still kept those as bonuses AND on top of that gave time for Eminem to be on So Lonely. When he put Blind Fury on it I thought to myself about how Blind Fury is too new and has yet to truly prove that he won't just fall off and become "wack" later and the whole reason Tech said he picked Blind Fury is because he thought he was the only one that could "replace" Eminem.

    Really replace Eminem? Why didn't he just get Royce or Crooked I or something. I don't know I just think the album could have really REALLY shined properly if he just waited out a little longer and stopped caring about a 6-7-11 release date.

    What do you guys think?

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    There could be no more perfect release date other than6-7-11 as far as fury goes, he is talented as hell and tech said he passed with flying colors...on those tracks, maybe would be better to be bonuses? Idk I refuse to listen to the snippets, but regardless, they probably are knows what he's doing, and he has this under control
    That's my opinion...

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    I think Overtime sounded clean

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    All I hear is why'd Tech replace Emine, cause Eminem was too fucking busy.

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    Overtime sounded fresh, I loved the sound. but i do agree with the others.

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    R u serious what about Promise Land it sounded like Technicians that needed to be on the album

    Quote Originally Posted by Alnardo Ayala
    Overtime sounded fresh, I loved the sound. but i do agree with the others.

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    Its gonna be on the other CD....just like lost scripts......he said that in an interview

    Quote Originally Posted by Ahiggity Diggity
    I wanna know what happened to that beat on the ustream which was played before Delusional...

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    I think it all sounds dope and it all fits on the album. Promise land is a sequel to Strange land so for sure that. He said 6's and 7's will be a clusterfuck so of course he is going to have all types of songs on the cd. Owe me like pookie sounds like it will be good, lets wait to hear jay rock and kutt's verses on that. I like them all to be honest..the only the one i'm not really digging is overtime.

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    You can't judge song's by samples.

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    Your not the artist he is. He does it how he wants it he doesnt care about if it shines he just wants to make some bomb music that HE likes.

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