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Thread: Fuck these Government Pigs!

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    Fuck these Government Pigs!

    Former Marine was shot 60 times in a BOTCHED marijuana raid. He was still alive after but the swat team did not allow the paramedics in for over an hour tell he bled to death. There excuse they thought other shooters might be in the house.. uhmm last time i checked swat team is suppose to lock down a house in seconds. This was a little house with only the marine his wife and one of there kids. Oh yea they found nothing illegal in his house to. Fucking dirty ass Government. I think it was a setup because this marine was against war and government himself. he did not even fire one shot. Shit like this pisses me off.

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    That's fucked up

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    fuckin pigs are out of control in my city, theyve shot 16 ppl within the last 16 months down here SMFH FUCK EM ALL

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    ya i read about this too. made me fucking sick. the abuse of power in our public services sector is getting out of control!

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    yea this happened in arizona not even my state but it blew me. I know shit like this is going on right now.

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    ya the government is dirty remember, dont steal the government hates competition.

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    motherfucker could've been leaking information...

    probably assume the government knows more about the situation than the public you can't really complain unless you know the whole story which you never will

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    all im wondering... is how he was still alive after being shot 60 times..

    and yeah, what evan said.. whenever theres a marine/government issue, the reported info is usually incorrect.

    marines know things they shouldnt know =O ( i almost became a marine ) decided weed was more important.

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    link? yeah this is the shit our 'War On Drugs' is causing. even without the shit field Mexico is because of it, we are ruining lives in the US over stupid shit like this

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    i think is the link to the story he's talking about

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