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Thread: lil wayne - how to love (A b*tch) #new single Carter 4

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    lil wayne - how to love (A b*tch) #new single Carter 4

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    christ... lol

    it's slightly less obnoxious than usual i suppose, lol, but that's not saying much.

    He needs to get auto tune banned from him. It doesn't make him sound like he could sing.

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    lol, he doesnt even use auto-tune does he;p?

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    It was a smooth song. (autotune) Helped lol But Nothing that made this song stand out just different.

    (stop the hate you 6's) if you want something different or better you do it.

    All 7's

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    It's not good, but I do give him credit for putting out something different. I'll keep listening to this just because it's far from his usual .

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    It would be even better if he wasn't mumbling/slurring everything he says.

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