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Thread: A couple weeks old but...C'mon BLH

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    A couple weeks old but...C'mon BLH

    I've been a BLH fan for many years (before I knew about Tech) and this really dissapoints me when he's releasing QUALITY albums through Strange Music. I mean, DAAM and CHS are freakin EPIC!!! I just wish his live performances would give fans their moneys worth but oh well not everybody can perform live like Tech N9ne. BTW this is my very first post

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    Senior Member trevor's Avatar
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    nigga shutch yo frunt dough.

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    Senior Member landonmilam's Avatar
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    damn he always kills it live i dont get it

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    I have yet to see him live even though I've been following him for years....but I don't get it either

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    i seen him live...he wasnt gettin the crowd into it all..he wasnt as live as tech is..but most those fans pry didnt even know who blh was..blh is sick tho i thought it was dope when he performed doa

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    He's admitted publicly that he doesn't think he's very good live. What can you do?

    Just don't see him.

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    he rap[s about very sick shit , its a bit hard to get ppl into that jumping into that

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    It's not hard at all actually, he's just not a good live performer.

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    I was at that show too and actually left before he even came on stage. I got really drunk at the bar, smoked some weed, and then got pissed that he still wasn't on and just left. I would have even been more pissed if I would have saw his bs performance. I spent $500 just going from O.C. down to San Diego for the night. BLH needs to step his game up, he's been doing this shit for too long to still perform like shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gavin Brown

    I was at that show. I thought he was joking when he left. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

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    Yeah you can tell from this video he doesn't have any stage energy he is kind of just walking around. I just don't think that his skills are suited for performing in concerts for w/e reason. Everyone else on strange has a stage presence other then blh. He needs to move around more, and do something choreographed that will get the fans pumped up.

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