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Thread: Wish This Album Was More of a Solo Album

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    Wish This Album Was More of a Solo Album

    SO i persoally just seen the track list. Not sure how long its been around but I seen it on Amazon. I have really been looking forward to getting this just like I do any of Techs new shit. I gotta admit I was a little dissapointed at all the features. I mean pretty much every song has another artist on it. As happy as I am that he got big names to push himself more into the spotlight I just wish this was a collabos album and not his next Solo album. Oh well, should still be fire. All the snippets I heard sounded legit.

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    He has a couple good solos, and a lot of the features are just "hook features". Tech spittin the whole time just a diff artist on the chorus. I was disappointed too. But the hook features are a good thing to keep in mind.

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    Yeah its 8 solos and 6skitsso its 14 songs on there without verse features. Collabos only have 3 solos from Tech.

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    I had a thread saying roughly the same thing....

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