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Thread: Which song are you looking forward to the most?

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    Which song are you looking forward to the most?

    We all have seen the track list, we have all heard the rumors, and we have talked about this album for months. My question is simple. Which track are you most excited to listen to for the first time?

    Mine is Delusional. After hearing that beat on youtube I cant wait!

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    HMMM... i think personally for me, not saying i think theyll be my favorite tracks but i am curious and looking forward to hearing most, are technicians because for one it would be dope az hell to hear tech rip a dubstep type beat, and two hopefully this will be another anthem type song good for concerts. and i think delusional im very curious to hear what tech does to it after i heard the sick ass beat for it sounds like hed just kill it.

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    For his colab tracks I'm looking forward to the one with hopsin and b.o.b and for solo tracks probably delusional

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    I want to hear so lonely or one of those tracks produced by young blaze. He said there'd be a few exclusives so I'm anticipating those cuz I know so little about them.

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    Cult Leader. It just sounds like it would be a song similar to K.O.D. (the song)

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    strangeland or technician just for the fact that i want to hear how it sounds

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    Easily Strangeland, after hearing the description of it I just get all these vivid images in my mind. Also looking forward to Technicians, Am I A Psycho? and Delusional

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    Pornographic, Delusional sounds like Red Nose 2 (DOPE), So Lonely, If I Could & Am I A Psycho. the snippets are amazing, this album is gonna be EPIC

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    I can't decide..Why ? Cuz it's just to hard. All the beats are dope. Everything sounds insane. Can't fucking wait. Counting the days.

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    i wanna hear the whole fucking album.

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