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Thread: Got bored.. brokedown the speed of WWChoppers

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    Got bored.. brokedown the speed of WWChoppers

    Sorry I couldnt get the non-english speaking verses (ceza ,USO) but whatever:

    Heres just a breakdown of each artist speed by words per second on their verse

    Tech N9ne- 5.8wps

    JL- 5.43wps

    Yela- 5.3wps

    Twista- 5.5wps

    Busta- 6.1wps

    D-Loc- 4.7wps

    Twisted Insane 7.3wps

    I know its not all about speed...otherwise Id go and count the number of syllables used (Busta and Twisted insane had much more 1 syllable words than the others)but was just curious and took some time to find out though.

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    Props for this. Good research

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    Thanks.... I at least found it interesting since I know a lot of ppl have wondered how Tech stands up to other artist regarding speed.

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    lol sorry but someone already did this with sylables per second... like 2 weeks ago

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    yeah just saw some different numbers and I dont know how they got their numbers cuz theyre way 20+ words off than mine

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    Should have done syllables per second; words per second is misleading.

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    I agree

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