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Thread: thoughts and prayers for Big Scoob

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    thoughts and prayers for Big Scoob

    as some of you may have seen on twitter Big Scoob is tweeting that his kidneys are failing him-!/therealBigScoob

    Big Scoob

    "For those that dnt kno my kidneys R failing, I might make I might not, who gives a fuck, if I die ima die wit my pride!I JUS DNT GIV A FUCK"

    thought we should have a thread here wishing him the best and hop on twitter and get behind him. scoobs one of the coolest guys ive ever meet and defintely wish the big homie the best. hope he can be up on the tour and make a good recovery!

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    I'm praying for him man Jesus will hopefully heal him if not they'll be chillin

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    he said it on the album he said the doc said that its failin him.. then he sent him a bottle and said fuck him.. but if he keeps drinkin there wont be a recovery... but scooby stay up fam

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    Keep your head up Big Homie!!!!

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    I only have one kidney so I feel for him
    my prayers goes out to you big homie...may god bless you.

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    Keep ya head up scoob we love u man

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    Prayin for you scoob

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    This is shocking and sad. Stay strong Scoob, my thoughts are with you.

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    Stay strong big homie!

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    damn scooby, hope you get better.

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