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Thread: Jay Rock "Follow Me Home" Album Preorder Now Available

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    Jay Rock "Follow Me Home" Album Preorder Now Available

    On 7/26 Jay Rock invites you to Follow Me Home with his highly anticipated Strange Music debut album. Here's your chance to preorder your copy of Follow Me Home and experience Jay Rock for yourself. With gritty and honest tracks like "All My Life" and "No Joke" and featuring artists like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rick Ross and, Follow Me Home is sure to be an instant ic. With your preorder you'll receive an autographed copy of the CD, a bonus track, a limited edition shirt (XL only) and a full-color Jay Rock sticker. So , and hear his story from the start.

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    I would definitely do more pre-ordering from Strange if that damn shirt came in different sizes. I wear a Medium, but even a Large would get me to pre-order more artists. XL is just too big, and the extra money for the package isnt worth it for a sticker.

    (Shirt: useless, Sticker: useless, Bonus Tracks: probably download)

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    True, you should have a choice to get Medium or XL. Since I haven't heard anything from him yet, I'll just buy this one on iTunes. But nevertheless I can't wait for this album!

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    Actually, I might just pre-order it anyway. lol.

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    Jay Rock ! TDE ! Can't wait ! This drops the day I finish school, so STRANGE MUSIC BITCH.

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    imma get this... looks like a bad ass album..cant wait

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    Strange x TDE! Can't wait.

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    imma pre order this right now!!!!

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    anybody got the preorder tracks?

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    add another mark for me pre orderin now!!..and yea it sucks the t shirt is only ion large im a 3 xl but its nice my girl just wears them around for pajams cause the size is so big so it works...

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